с улыбкой Юры Гагарина

01. Detail of Robe à l'Anglaise (back), 1770–75, British, silk, metal © Metropolitan Museum of Art

02.Detail of Frockcoat embroidery
buttons, upturned cuff and pocket of a garnet colored cut velvet Court costume, Louis XVI. Photo Thierry De Maigret

03.Detail of a suit that belonged to Axel von Fersen, made in Paris around the 1785. Nordiska Museet, 154745

04. Detail of a suit that belonged to Axel von Fersen
made in Paris around the 1785. Nordiska Museet, 154745

05.Detail of red wool Frockcoat, metal Frockcoat buttons
and embroidered waistcoat with covered buttons from Justeaucorps und Weste,
1780, Germany.

06.Detail of lace fichu
, sleeve and belt buckle of Robe a la turque, ca. 1789; Nordiska museet, NMA.0052362 Digitalt Museum

07. Stunning and sumptuous embroidery detail of Court suit Frockcoat
late 18th–early 19th century, French, silk, metallic thread, paste © Metropolitan Museum of Art

08. Waistcoat, Britain, ca.1745,

A man’s sleeved waistcoat of ivory satin embroidered with silk and silver threads,
lined with ivory ribbed silk and fustian. The cuffs of the associated coat have been added to the waistcoat

09. Intricate metallic embroidery on the Court Dress

or robe à la française, ca. 1750, British, Silk with metallic thread.

10. Fabulous metallic thread
and sequin embroidery of Dazzling French Court Suit, 1750-1775.

11. Detail sleeve cuffs,
robe à l'anglaise, probably Great Britain,
1760s. Yellow silk embroidered with floral motifs in white silk.

12. Detail Pair of Mid-18th Century Black Silk and Gold Brocade Ladies Shoes,

with cut steel buckles set with paste stones (some missing), leather sole,
with black leather lining, shaped high heel, heel to toe 24cm, heel height 5cm

13. Textile Panel, Early 18th century,

France or England, Silk, gilt-metal strip, and gilt-metal-strip-wrapped silk (filé and frisé ),
plain weave with supplementary patterning wefts and brocading wefts
and weft-float faced interlacing of secondary binding warps and some supplementary brocading wefts

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